Wednesday WIP

Right now, I’ve only got one thing on the needles other than DH’s socks – my Cemetery Drive cowl!

I’ve got a little bit of colorwork yet to do, then the top ribbing. It’s a fun knit, and I’m very happy with how it’s turning out!

Have any works in progress? And if so, how are they going?

19 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. Interesting subject for a cowl! ‘Current’ WIPS include two short cardigans for myself and three quarters of the way through a hoodie for a great niece. Oh, now I’ve just remembered ,.. two patchwork throws too. That’s all downstairs in my house – not saying what’s upstairs hiding !!

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      1. I think I have way too many. Last year I decided to rip back some and give up on some – which worked for a while and was quite satisfying. However, there are still a few outstanding/ongoing and then a few more new too. Many are not time restricted, unless they are for growing little people – then I have a few growing little people in the family so if a garment doesn’t get finished for one then it might get finished for the next in line. For myself, over the years my size has changed so there’s even the odd item that has been left to finish ‘one day’ when I think I might wear it again. Just remembering a winter jumper from this year ….. the arms turned out way too long – so on that list is also alterations I need to face so I can actually wear what I made!!

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      2. It can be nice to have a variety of projects you can pick up when you feel like it! Also nice to have the option of recipients, so that if a project takes a while there is still someone to give it to πŸ™‚

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