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RIP Lazlo

We lost the second of our two cats earlier this week.

He loved hanging out on the porch, “helping” me knit, and chin scrootches

He also enjoyed trying to get me to change the weather when it didn’t suit his going outside (if there was sound to go with this picture, you would deaf from caterwauling right now).

He also enjoyed hanging out with Edgar and playing with a little stuffed beaver toy that he claimed many years ago and hung onto ever since

He had a good long life – we had him 11 years and the shelter we got him from said he was 4 when we got him. He wasn’t ill for a long time. He went from doing fine to passing over a short period of time, which was a jolt for us, but certainly better for him. We do still have my Mom’s cat Punky here with us for right now, so not entirely catless, but I am missing my boys terribly!

24 thoughts on “RIP Lazlo

  1. What a handsome boy he was and that photo of the chin scratching pose and them cuddled up together. What adventures he had in your loving home after you rescued him from the shelter. Huge hugs. Thanks for sharing this tribute to him.

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  2. I am so sorry. I lost two of my cats within a year of each other and both were fairly fast. Hazel wasn’t feeling well. She went to the vet and never came back. Mollie struggled for about two months and I couldn’t bear to watch her suffer. It was devastating even though we still have two other cats at the time. Each one is different and each one is missed. Hugs to everyone.

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    1. I remember Hazel and Molly passing – it’s hard to lose one cat, but when it’s several in a short time I think it’s worse. Thank you, Kate. They definitely have their own personalities and are each endearing in their own ways. I miss both my boys so much. Hugs back to you!

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