Wednesday WIP

Other than the EM socks, my only current WIP is my Patina scarf. I decided to change things up on this project, and the result is that I’m almost done!

This is supposed to be a nifty scarf with some clever design features and uses 2 100g balls of Schoppel Wool Gradient. This then gets some embroidery at one end. I got to the end of the first ball of yarn and just basically could not go on. Just couldn’t. So I decided to make it a cowl instead.

Since it uses a provisional cast on, I decided to pull some waste yarn through the other end for blocking and then Kitchener stitch the ends together. The stitching went fine. The only catch was that this is a gradient yarn, and the end colors don’t quite match up. However, I think it looks good enough.

Then I decided to ransack my scraps bin for the embroidery yarn, and came up with a few things that I think look OK. I was hoping to get it done this evening, but there is still more embroidery to be done. It definitely needs to be filled in with more detail on the sprigs and a few more smaller stray flowers here and there. Oh well, one more evening should do it!

Have you ever shortcut a project? How did it work out for you?

10 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

    1. You are supposed to fold the cast on edge to create a loop that you tuck the other end into when you wear it. The provisional cast on is so you can stitch it together without the stitches showing on the front.

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