Something is Finally Done

I finally finished my Bonbori wrap! The pattern is Bonbori (Ravelry link) by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Here it is being blocked – see how it stretches on forever?

This one shows the size difference between the small bubbles at the start and how large they are at the end.

And finally, yarn chicken report – here’s how much is left from 9 full skeins of yarn. The yarn is Di Gilpin Lalland DK in Morion, Agate, and Bell Rock. It is lovely yarn to knit with, and is very soft and warm, especially now that it has been washed and blocked.

I enjoyed this project for the most part, though it went on a bit long, having been started April 3 and finished yesterday. Granted, I was not working on this exclusively all that time, but still – that’s a long time for a wrap. So now, back to my other 2 poor neglected projects!

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