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Its’s Raining Yarn: Coyote Trail Farm and Fiber Mill

There are not a lot of options for local yarn here in Alaska, though that is starting to change. One of the big factors in the change is Coyote Trail. The owner started the mill a few years ago as a retirement project. Before her startup, local wool producers did not have any in-state options for processing their fiber other than hand-spinning, so having these processes available has really been a big boost.

I had bought yarn from her a few times at the Mat-Su fiber festival, but she didn’t sell directly to individuals online in the past. That changed during the pandemic, as I recently found out from this article. Naturally, I was in the shop ordering before I finished reading the article.

So this is my haul! The 2 dark blue skeins in the lower left are 50/50 Icelandic/Suffolk 2 ply in the Comic Book Blue colorway. The 3 pale green skeins in the lower right are dehaired Icelandic (which is incredibly soft!) 2 ply in the Light Green colorway. The 5 medium blue skeins in the upper right are 50% alpaca, 25% cashmere, 25% merino 2 ply in the Ocean Blue colorway. The 4 skeins are a mix of sport weight skeins: more 50/50 Icelandic/Suffolk in Ocean Blue, 50/50 alpaca/Cormo lamb in Turquoise, 100% merino in Aqua, and a mystery skein.

It is all really nice yarn! The Icelandic/Suffolk is a bit toothier in texture, while everything else is pretty soft. There is a little bit of VM in most of the skeins, and they mostly smell a little bit sheepy, but I have to say I like that 🙂 The online shop is a little disorganized, and shipping will take a little while, so be prepared for that going in. On the other hand, the prices are pretty reasonable, and they often have special deals and sales. They also have some unique offerings at times, sometimes stocking quiviut or reindeer blend yarns!

The Mat-Su Fiber Festival is on again this year, so I’ll get to shop Coyote Trail’s goods in person again soon. But I’m glad for the online option in the meantime!

16 thoughts on “Its’s Raining Yarn: Coyote Trail Farm and Fiber Mill

  1. I’m another one who didn’t know reindeer yarn was a thing. I guess it their undercoat down, but the guard hairs on top seem so thick it can’t be easy to brush them. I felt some qiviut fibre at Highland Wildlife Park on one of their guided tours you can go on…soft soft soft

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    1. I don’t know if anyone does yarn like that other than this mill. There is a reindeer farm in the area, and I think they are working together to make it.
      Quiviut is definitely soft!


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