Sock It To Me Monday

Turned the heels on DH’s socks! Now it’s just stockinette for a while and then a bit of ribbing, and done! I don’t know how much is going to get done on these this week, as I’ve decided to focus on my Fair Isle hat for the Confident Knitting club so I can get that done! But we do have a road trip coming up soon, and these will be ideal knitting for that trip 🙂

If you a sock knitter, do you prefer toe-up, cuff-down, or no preference?

24 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. I like toe up because of the clean gusset knitting. However, knitting this sock cuff down seems somewhat faster and I feel I’ve done a tighter job on picking up gusset stitches.
    I can’t wear afterthought heel like heels because I have high arches but I know one designer has a fix for that for cuff down. I’ll have to try that.

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      1. I have tried a provisional and Judy’s. Mind you, both were attempted with that tricky yarn I struggled with, on size 1 US carbonz (black needles) while recovering from COVID and Lyme. That was not an ideal time to try anything other than row after row of stockinette or garter. I think I will attempt a sock with DK weight yarn. What do you think?

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  2. I can’t decide my favorite way to do socks! I like starting toe up because I see progress quickly, but I think heel flap and gusset (which is easier top down) is my favorite fit of heel, and if the sock is patterned I love being able to zoom down the foot with the stockinette sole. Soo…. it’s a coin flip haha!

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  3. I don’t love sock knitting (tiny needles!) but when I do knit socks I like them cuff down, flap and gusset. I’ve never put the heel in quite the right place on a toe up sock, and that means pulling out the entire heel to fix it. Top down, I just have to re-do the toe to have the foot fit correctly.

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