May Confident Knitting Project

In honor of Star Wars day today, I cast on a 4th project on top of the three that are already in the works.

This month’s project is the Variance hat, and the technique is catching long floats in Fair Isle work.

The project photo you see there is the Designer’s Choice yarn colors – I got the Alternative colors, which is the yarn you see here. I have done a fair amount of colorwork, but I’m interested to get into the tutorials on this technique and see if she catches floats differently than I do. Always good to learn something new!

I did get a start on the ribbing, but am having difficulties with my needles. The only ones I have in the right size (1.5s) are not really long enough for the number of stitches, so it’s been kind of a hassle keeping the stitches jammed onto the needles. I’m trying to decide where I should just struggle through, or put the project aside for a little bit and order some of the right size and length circulars. I only have 7 more rows in the ribbing until I can move up to size 2s, which I have plenty of, so it’s kind of a tough choice.

But in any case, may this fourth project go well, and May the Fourth Be With You!

16 thoughts on “May Confident Knitting Project

  1. It’s a pretty pattern, I’d be tempted to pop it on waste yarn and try it on. My headband was too loose on my colourwork hat so I frogged it and the stickiness of Jamieson Shetland is a bit of a bugger to unpick.

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    1. It will almost certainly be loose – for my head measurement I had two options – 2 inches too tight, or one and a half inches too big. I went with too big and now I’m a little bit second guessing myself. But I know I will wear it anyway πŸ™‚

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  2. The alternate colors are so pretty. I love how the ribbing looks. When I made announcements at school yesterday I had to make the Star Wars reference. C’mon! I work in a middle school. πŸ™‚

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  3. I say ‘struggle on’ as you say you haven’t far to go until you are happier with bigger needles – unless you have other projects in the pipeline which need the smaller ones – but you may have already bought by now!

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    1. LOL – no, haven’t bought anything yet. I am actually going to need 1.5s for a couple projects in the near future, which makes me think I may wind up buying some. Still thinking about it πŸ™‚


    1. I think I’m going to power through with the 1.5s I have for this one, but ordering one as I have a few more colorwork hats in the queue for this year that will also use that size needle. So may as well have one on hand!


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