Wednesday WIPs

Progress is a little slower right now, as I have 3 projects in the works:

The Evolve cowl is part of the Confident Knitting pattern/technique club from AC Knitwear.

The Bonbori wrap is moving along pretty well. Now that the pattern is established, there is basically a lot more like this, though there will be stitch increases along the way – so it will be interesting to see how the look of it changes as it expands.

And last but not least, the Throwback is moving along as well. There are a few more inches of stockinette to knit for the body, then the ribbing. Then it’s on to sleeve island!

What are you working on these days (crafty or otherwise)?

32 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Your projects look fantastic! I’m procrastinating on Water and knitting that slubby stockinette rectangle. I really want to start sewing my overalls, so maybe I’ll be able to get those done this weekend.

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      1. The shawl is waiting for my flight next week to get more attention. The socks are good. One is just past the FLK heel and then other one is just past the cuff. My first time to do contrasting heel and toe. Only took 9 years of sock knitting to try it lol.

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      1. Lol I have too many projects going right now! I think I’m a one project person really. I’ve been trying more, but it feels a little stressful

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  2. Always lovely to see what you are working on. Current newist project is a simple cotton top for myself using a ripped back half done cotton project – slightly concerned it could be yarn chicken time…. That and my newist project before this one is a hoodie for a four year old, need to finish this before her 4th birthday or decide to gift it later in the year to her three year old sister. I still have a green glittery top I started and almost finished in the winter – the sleeves were too long and it’s been a challenge to cut off the cuffs and rework them – still a WIP. That’s not counting various other WIPs – that’s just 2021 projects…

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  3. So many big items and all looking great. Obviously mostly I was weaving this week, but now that is done and my socks are finished I need to concentrate on the cardigan and my husband wants some fingerless gloves.

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