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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Norwegian Knitting Designs

Norwegian Knitting Designs is, as the title and subtitle implies, an updated and expanded version of a classic work of Norwegian knitting patterns and techniques. Wenche Roald is the designer and writer of the updated book, and Annichen Sibbern Bohn is the author and designer of the original book.

The patterns in this book take the original motifs and apply them to modern garments and accessories without losing the flavor of the original.

The same motifs do appear in various places throughout the book, such as the dancing figures (socks on the far right of the picture above) which show up on socks, children’s sweaters, and children’s dresses. And mittens. There’s a good variety of different types of project patterns in the book, adult and children’s garments, hats, mittens, cowls, household items and a few pet garments as well.

The patterns are clear and detailed, and the photographs actually show the garments in ways that you can see what they look like, which is something knitting books sometimes don’t do.

As an added bonus, the book includes a reprint of the original, tucked into a pocket inside the back cover. It is neat to page through and see the original patterns and the motif charts. They are clear charts, so if you wanted to use them to make your own new designs you easily could.

For example, here is a modern sweater, and the original stocking pattern that the motif came from – nifty!

This book is pretty readily available, as the English version was just published in 2020. It is only available in hardback at this point. However, it does have a lot of patterns and technique information, along with a short discussion of Norwegian knitting history. So if you are interested in Norwegian knitting, you will enjoy this book.

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