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Recently, a blog buddy asked where I hear about all these KALs I’ve been joining. I had to think about it a bit, as the information really does come from a diverse set of sources. But here is where I get info on KALs as well as a lot of other knitting news:

  • Friends/blogs – if you follow a lot of crafters, you will often hear about upcoming knitting events from them. Sometimes they are even running the KALs!
  • Social media – this can be Ravelry or one of the other crafting-specific sites that have been popping up lately, or also Instagram and Facebook. As with blogs, follow other crafters, designers you like, yarn dyers and yarn shops.
  • Newsletters – a lot of designers, dyers, and shops have newsletters. Sign up for them! Those are the popups you have to swat out of your way when you go to check out their site.

That’s my general list of resources. Shops I particularly like that seem to run a lot of KALs and other events are Jimmy Beans Wool, MDK, AC Knitwear, and Fibre Space. Quite a few designers have Patreon accounts now and many do have KALs for their followers there. Crafting magazines are great places for news about products and trends, but they don’t very often have specific KALs.

So those are my hot sources – where do you get your knitting news? Please share in the comments!

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