Water Shawl Start

I got a start on the 1st of my two March KAL projects – the Blogville Water Shawl KAL! The pattern is Water (Ravelry link) by Sylvia McFadden, and I am using some yarn from Gnarledpaw, a favorite dyer of mine who has sadly stopped dyeing. This shawl features short row lace sections, like Waiting for Rain by the same designer. I did knit Waiting for Rain a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so looking forward to this one!

Are you knitting along with us? If so, how is yours going? If not, what are you working on now?

17 thoughts on “Water Shawl Start

  1. Great color. Well you know tendonitits has not been kind to me so knitting is slow like snails around here. Plus, I think I’m going to take a break from shawls as I seem to not make use of them as much as I would of an infinify or moebius scarf.

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