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Sudden Random Yarn

Cast on for the first project of AC Knitwear’s new project club, Confident Knitting, is March 1st. I had ordered the yarn pack for the first three projects on February 5. They did ship it pretty much right away, and then it hung out at Heathrow for the next three weeks. I am signed up for informed delivery with USPS, so I can usually see packages as they are moving through the system. This is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I was checking several times a day – still at Heathrow. I was starting to resign myself to starting the first project late, when suddenly, without warning, my package showed up on the doorstep! So I don’t know if British mail has developed teleport technology, if they got the package on a plane directly to Anchorage, or (more likely) it just wasn’t being tracked until it got to the Anchorage post office. And honestly I don’t care. Because I have my yarn!

My Mom, who is also doing the club, got the Designer’s Choice kit and I got the Alternative kit. We are both really happy with our yarns. I’m a little iffy about the pink, but it is a pretty color!

My other sudden random yarn is something I found poking around on Ravelry in the for-sale-or-trade forum, which I was in looking for an entirely different thing. But I drifted into looking at mini-skeins, which I love, and wound up buying this:

The yarn is from The Fawn and the Fox yarns, which I had never heard of before, and the theme of the set is Draanks! The colors are (l to r) Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Sangria, Absinthe, Mojito. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, like most of my miniskein sets, but I love them πŸ™‚

Any sudden random yarn in your life this week?

31 thoughts on “Sudden Random Yarn

  1. Ooh so many lovely things. We were just watching β€œThat’s so…1980” last night and it’s unbelievable how much technology has moved on in 30 years, so I suspect one day teleporting yarn across the world may just be possible one day.

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      1. In the UK before 1980 it said only the post office were allowed to install standard house phones but in 1980 the law changed and people could buy telephones in shops and they showed some footage of some hideous ones, gold and marble phones, Mickey Mouse ones etc.

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  2. Draaanks! I feel you on international shipping woes. Let’s chalk it up to wormholes. It’s more fun to think about that way. I have no sudden random yarn in my life right now, which is fine. I’m seeing a lot of fades out there, which is tempting. I’m thinking I might like to knit a Boxy fade. Then I think about my queue and stash and put my nose in my current WIP.

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