Wednesday WIPs

My remaining two active projects are moving along, and I started what will hopefully be a little quick one!

The It’s All Right mobius cowl is moving along. 23 rows left to do on it! Unfortunately, they are very long rows. But I’m hopeful I can get it done within the next week.

The pencil sock, companion to my paper sock of earlier post fame, is getting there as well. I’m maybe a half inch from the heel turn, then it’s just going up the leg until I get to the eraser part!

And finally, what should be a quickie project – a top down hat knit with bulky yarn. Sarah of Mildly Granola clued me in about the (Ravelry link) Great Green KAL. Since I had this skein of bulky weight already wound that I planned to use for a hat anyway… This should be done pretty quickly!

What are you working on, and how is it going?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I love your knits! I have so many projects going at the moment I may have to dedicate one to each day of the week so that I keep working steadily on them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, it is so bad I cast on a pair of socks that can be finished quickly so that I have the illusion of making progress…

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