Friday Eve FO

My quickie hat is done!

The yarn is some bulky weight yarn that I got from Ms. Monster in a yarn destash she did a little while ago. It is one of her yarns, but did not come with a tag, so I don’t know what the colorway is. I didn’t use a pattern. It was knit top down, starting with 8 stitches on a pinhole cast-on, then increasing 8 stitches every other row until I got to 64 stitches. Then I just knit until the amount of yarn left was making me nervous. Did a few rows of k2 p2 ribbing, and cast off when I was pretty sure the amount of yarn left wasn’t going to be enough. I had 6 inches of yarn left!

OK, seriously, I weighed out the amount of yarn one round took, then weighed the remainder periodically to know when I needed to bind off. There was a little bit of method. Not a lot, but a little ๐Ÿ™‚ My Mom loves green, so it went to her pretty much right away. And thus I am entered into the (Ravelry link) Great Green KAL!

Do you like participating in KALs (or CALs, for the crocheter)? Why or why not?

16 thoughts on “Friday Eve FO

  1. Aw, at first I thought you were a risk-taker, then you spoiled that impression by admitting that you weighed your yarn to make sure there was enough to complete the hat. Anyway, ending with only 6 inches leftover is quite an achievement for quiteayarnblogger!

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