Sock It To Me Monday

The stationery set is coming along! The “paper” sock is done, and boy is it a long one! It’s a little less than knee length. I did have to make a bit of a change at the end. The yarn has a little stripe of medium red toward the end – it wasn’t enough to make a whole round, and the way it was placed in the skein I would have needed to use half of it in the bind off, and it would have looked stupid. So I backed up to before the red started and cut off the regular yarn. Then I did two rows with a scrap of dark red I had in my scraps bin and bound off. The red is darker than the original, but I think it looks fine.

Also, as you see, I got a start on the pencil sock. That is going fine – no dramas so far. I’m pretty jazzed about my mismatch sock set 🙂

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