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A Few Skeins More

I mentioned last week that I had turned some birthday cash into some yarn – it got here today!

Two more rare breed skeins complete with Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em stickers, from Shaggy Bear Farms. They were a vendor at this month’s VK Live, and I found them via poking around in the vendor area, as I like to do. They have lots of great yarn, roving and locks from a variety of sheep breeds as well as other fiber producers (alpaca and goats).

The darker yarn is from Santa Cruz sheep, and the lighter is Romeldale (CMV). I was especially excited to find the Santa Cruz, as it is pretty hard to come by. Which I guess is not that surprsing, as it’s a rare breed of sheep. For the eco-conscious among you, I would also like to highlight how this seller ships their yarn:

And now I love them even a little bit more 🙂

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