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Today was cookie baking day at our house. We don’t ordinarily bother with cookies, or if we do it’s just a batch or two. Mom is a Christmas elf though, so this year cookies were happening! The fridge looked like this this morning – packed with doughs mixed earlier this week and ready to bake, and stuff to make more dough.

Mom and I put on some Christmas music and got baking. Only 6 hours of scooping and baking later…

and we had this

Some to keep here and some to send off to my brother and SIL! We made chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, Tollhouse cookies, the same recipe with espresso chips and macadamia nuts, sugar cookies, and loaded cookies from this month’s Food Network magazine.

Are you doing any holiday baking this year? If so, what are you making?

16 thoughts on “Cookiemageddon

  1. I need to get to baking. I think I’m making spritz cookies today. I’ll probably also make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. I’m also making chex mix, which is a holiday treat my family always requests.

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  2. Espresso chips? Buzzzzzz!
    Iโ€™ll bake a flourless chocolate torte for Christmas dessert (parceled out to family dinner exchange), but no special cookies. Iโ€™m making homemade Irish cream and chocolate truffle sauce to give away, as well as bourbon pear vanilla caramel sauce.

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  3. I am making desserts, but likely no cookies. No one but Hubster and I around to eat them means they all go to my hips! LOL. But for desserts on our Christmas we are having Red Velvet Cheesecake, made by someone else. Cheesecake brownies, and maybe a banana cake.

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