Flock of Four is Done!

This cowl is from the kit of the same name on Modern Daily Knitting. The pattern is adapted from their sequence knitting Field Guide, and the yarn is four smaller skeins of breed specific yarns from Solitude Wool. This was a lot of fun to knit, as you get to feel and see the difference in the wools. For anyone who is thinking about making doing this project, one thing I would note is that the yarns are different weights. Two are bulky, one is worsted, and one is fingering, though the fingering one is pretty fluffy, so feels a bit more like a sport weight. What I wound up doing is doubling the fingering yarn, so it winds up being pretty close to the bulkies. The worsted is somewhat different, but not unreasonably so. The yarns all have very different textures and knit up pretty differently. It was an interesting project, and now I have a very cushy cowl 🙂

How are your projects going these days?

17 thoughts on “Flock of Four is Done!

  1. I just saw Ann blog about hers, and I’m very tempted! I don’t know where it would end up on my to-do list, though.

    Ann’s cowl is very long; I’m thinking that doubling up the fingering weight would be a good move for shortening it up a bit, too, as well as making the yarn more similar in weight.

    I need to finish Katie’s Kep, and I want to start DH’s January birthday sweater. But both require looking at charts, and I want to knit without thinking, too! I guess that means one more WIP to cast on…after I get yarn for it. Tomorrow!

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    1. You’ve got a lot going on! It is a fun knit, and the sequence knitting means you have very basic stitch patterns to keep in mind as you’re going. I saw Ann’s article – I suspect she just used the same needle size and got a big airy section for the fingering. I don’t like super long cowls, so doubling the fingering weight yarn took care of a couple of issues for me 🙂


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