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Last of the Halloween Stash Enhancements

People who are friends with me on Instagram already know about these, so feel free to skip if you have seen them πŸ™‚

I opened the last yarn surprise of my Countdown to Halloween set from Ms. Monster Creations on Saturday. It is a lot of yarn, and I am very happy with all of it!

This year’s advent was very different from last year’s which is good. I like that the dyer changes things up. She already has next year’s up to buy in her Etsy shop, and it has a different theme from this year’s.

And my last happy Halloween to me buy was a 13 day stitch marker Advent from FanGirl Fibers with a My Favorite Murder theme! I remember balking a bit at the price when I first looked at it, but it turned out to well worth the cost.

In addition to the 13 stitch markers, it also came with a couple stickers, a pin with a ring to hold the markers, a bag tag, and a very cool mug. It was really nicely packaged and just fun to open every day.

And now that I have gotten the need for Halloween yarn and accessories out of my system, at least for this year, it’s time to calm down again.

Do you have any specific triggers for your yarn buying? Specific colors, favorite holidays or makers? What’s your yarn shopping Kryptonite?

15 thoughts on “Last of the Halloween Stash Enhancements

  1. Wow, that yarn would make a wonderful fade! Such a fun advent and I really enjoyed following along. My yarn buying kryptonite is hard to define. I love hand dyed colors. I love wool. I love all weights now. So I guess my yarn dyeing kryptonite is… yarn. πŸ˜†

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  2. Oh wow, that yarn set – mega yarn envy here! I’ve loved watching your Halloween knitting.

    For me, it’s travel! I get yarn souvenirs whenever I can find something interesting somewhere. Normally I’m quite good at not buying too much but that’s the one time I let myself splash out a bit more.

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    1. I do have plans for some of it, but some of it is just stash for the moment πŸ™‚ This has been a super-stressful year on a number of levels. But you are definitely knitting a lot, so I’m sure you are using it up pretty quickly, too!


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