Yet Another Cowl

I got a start on my Broom Riding Cowl today!

The blue yarn is Gedifra Metal Tweed in the romantically named color 757. It has strand of black fuzz and a strand of subtle sparkle spun into it that gives it a really lovely effect πŸ™‚

The silver yarn is left over from my Arachne sweater – it is the yarn I used for the webbing. It is Concept by Katia Versailles in Silver. Glad I am getting to use up a bit of stash on this one.

So it’s going to be a pretty blingy cowl, but so far I am really happy with it πŸ™‚

Are you feeling the Cast On All the Things vibe right now? Do tell!

22 thoughts on “Yet Another Cowl

  1. That’s really pretty in those blingy yarns. Do you wear all your cowls, or just like to knit them? I have a lot of cowls and shawls, and there are a few that get worn all the time, and some are mostly for the knitting…

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    1. It’s kind of a mix. I definitely have favorite, and some that are good for different situations. Some are definitely just for the knitting. Those usually wind up being given away – some to charity and some to the first person I like who compliments it πŸ™‚


  2. Oooooh it already look amazing! You can never have too much sparkle.
    I’m just sorting out yarn to start another blanket and I downloaded a pattern to make a galah for the Boyfriend, which is actually restrained considering the number of things I want to start!!

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      1. I wanted to cast on for another pair of socks, but I find if I sit and peruse my stash, there might be a yarn that just grabs me. I did want to cast on for another sockhead slouch hat…that is great mindless knitting.

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