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Project Decisions – A Quiz

As usual, this quiz is stolen borrowed from Karen at Nothing But Knit – check out her blog!

  • Are you a one project at a time crafter or do you like a variety to suit your mood?
  • Do you reward yourself along the way with a new project after reaching a certain goal?
  • How do you decide which project to work on? Do you require that you work on a less loved project before you work on the one that is really firing you up?
  • How do you know you have too many things going at one time?
  • If you had to chose between a project that is nearly done and a new exciting one which would you pick? Are you a process crafter or a project crafter?

My answers are below:

  • I always have at least two main projects in the works, and sometimes also have little peripheral projects in strategic locations, like a little hat in my desk drawer at work or in the car.
  • I reward myself for making progress if a project is kind of boring or otherwise irritating to make.
  • Deciding which project to work on is a process. If a project is close to done, I tend to focus on it so that I can start something new. Other than, it depends on the circumstances. I usually have an easier project and a more complicated one going, so how much attention I will be able to pay is a factor. Also, I like to have projects going on different size needles to give my hands a break. So I need to switch up projects somewhat regularly.
  • I know I have too many projects going when I knit and knit and nothing seems to get done, or when I feel overwhelmed.
  • I am definitely a project crafter – I want the end result! But I’m a process knitter in that I love learning new things and trying out new materials or tools or techniques. But only when the end result is something I want, so that’s the trick there!

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments or on your own blog – please post a link if you do so we can read your answers. If you aren’t a crafter, also feel free to answer the questions in relation to your own hobby 🙂

5 thoughts on “Project Decisions – A Quiz

  1. I love your answer to ‘process versus project’ – I completely agree! I find it very easy to motivate myself to learn new stuff when it’s to make something I want, otherwise it’s fun but I never feel so invested in it. Very much discovering this with an online course I’m doing presently…

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