It’s October Eve!

Having finished my slippers, I found the temptation to dig into my fall projects too strong and wound up starting my Haunted Handwarmers. This is the smaller of the Halloween advent projects from Jimmy Beans this year. It wasn’t like the project or yarn colors were really a surprise, so it got to be kind of hard to hold off to October 1, as I originally planned. Long story short, I’m a bit over halfway through the first mitt.

They’re not spooky at all, but they are cute and kind of Halloweeny. There are 4 little treats in with the yarn packets, so I decided to open the first two while knitting this mitt and the others during the second mitt. Here are my fun surprises so far.

Cute little notions pouch and coffin needle gauge!

I probably should have waited, but there are so many projects to get done! Also, tomorrow this starts…

I promise I will calm down about this soon. How are your projects going?

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