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Crazy Coincidence

Shortly after I started knitting my Buttoned Wrap Skirt this past weekend, I psyched myself into a random yarn panic. I tend to do this to myself sometimes, especially when the yarn I’m using is no longer obtainable. I like to buy remaindered yarn from the closeout section at Webs, so this does happen to me somewhat frequently. The yarn for this project – Debbie Bliss Milano – has been out of production for years now, as near as I can tell, so it is pretty unobtainable.

Now, there is no logical reason for this panic in this case. I have done the math on my yarn use and had my DH check it, as he is much more mathy than I am. I have plenty of yarn. But the panic is not-logic based. It insisted that I was going to have a 3/4 finished skirt that I was then going to have to rip out.

So Monday evening I started looking for more of this yarn in this color, not really thinking there was going to be any, but just to get it out of my system. No luck on Ravelry. No luck in any online store I could find. So the last ditch effort was Ebay. And wouldn’t you know it – there was a lot of 2 skeins of the very yarn! In the right color! So I bought it, obviously. And guess where the seller lives? Anchorage Alaska. It showed up in my mailbox this afternoon!

The only person with any of this yarn available for sale lives 2 miles from my house. Crazy!

Have you had any crazy coincidences happen to you lately? (Not necessarily craft-based.)

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