My Own Private Shark Week

Well, Shark Week 2020 has set sail without me. We don’t have cable, and the season is not for sale on Amazon, which is how we have watched it the last several years. Apparently it is available on several streaming services, but none that were practical for us to access. But that is OK! We decided to watch some shows from seasons past from Amazon, and settled in for some sharky fun of our own!

Also, I started my Shark Mitts from Jimmy Beans. They could have picked higher contrast yarns for the kit, but on the other hand, real sharks blend in with the murky deeps they swim in, so I guess fair enough πŸ™‚

Got any wacky fun you are looking forward to in the near future?

21 thoughts on “My Own Private Shark Week

  1. We LoVE shark week here. FIreman is very afraid of Sharks. We have been to the ocean many times, but I’ve never worried about sharks. Even in the Outer Banks I was not worried one bit. Odd, usually Im the worrier.
    I love your socks. I’m kntiting socks too. I spend a stormy afternoon here, rearranging my yarn stash. That is always fun! for me.

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  2. I forgot it is Shark Week! Since I’ve never watched it before it will all be new to me. I think Bob found some old episodes on Hulu. I like how the mitt colors read pattern but don’t scream shark. Like jacquard fabric. The sharks are a surprise!


      1. I knew it had to be one of the less aggressive species. I would totally love to pet a shark, but I like my hands too much to chance it. What if they got bit off? How would I knit?!?


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