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Floral Update

The outdoor flowers have continued to bloom away this week, and the indoor kitchen plants have been doing well also.

The avocado tree is growing away! There are leaves starting to sprout from the central stalk all the way up, so it isn’t just a stick with some growth at the top, though that’s what it looks like here. That’s the basil on the left and the cilantro on the right – both doing well and very tasty šŸ™‚

The forget-me-nots along our walkway have finally started to flower! They look nice with the marigolds, but had I known how tall they would get, they would be the “back” row of the planting area. They look a little off as it is, but still – pretty and colorful šŸ™‚

The dwarf zinnias are blooming thick and fast now – there are buds in all the baskets and pots as well as in this planter.

The linaria are starting to fade, but the zinnias and forget-me-nots are starting to flower in the baskets. And the marigolds just cannot be stopped!

Are you doing any gardening? If so, how is it doing?

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