Sock It To Me Monday: Xmas in July Done!

They are done! I managed to use up pretty much all of both mini-skein sets, and quite a bit of the charcoal yarn, so that is a help to my sad attempts at stash reduction. They are reasonably festive, and I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

They are my standard plain vanilla sock – toe up and two at a time. I’ve been doing more gusset and flap heels lately, but for this one I went back to a short row heel. It fits really well!

Next month will be another plain vanilla pair, but different from my usual. Mr. QuiteaYarn has requested a pair of socks! So in addition to being plain, they will be plain black yarn. He has never requested a pair of socks, or really much knitting from me at all, so it will be interesting to do something not in my own size for a change!

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