Knitting Homework

I suddenly remembered yesterday afternoon that my Virtual VK live classes this weekend have homework! So currently interrupting my regularly scheduled knitting to get all of that going 🙂

I did get a bunch done on my Arachne and a little more done on my socks since last reports, so I will have a little to show off, but not as much as I thought I would. But that’s OK – hopefully cool classes coming up!

Are you attending any online events?

17 thoughts on “Knitting Homework

  1. I kind of wish I had taken up some online classes. During this pandemic it did cross my mind to look into a few things – not done it yet – there again, the lockdown/pandemic isn’t over yet!

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    1. True – it looks like there is still time, at least for a while 🙂 I don’t know about there, but big events are cancelled here all through the summer. So even if we aren’t in as hard of lockdown as we had been, we’re still mostly at home.


      1. Yes, same here. It is so sad that people’s plans are being cancelled. I know how much hard work goes into organising events and sometimes you just can’t rebook.

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      2. That is true! Most of the cancelled events I am seeing now are just saying “see you next year” and not even trying to postpone to later in the year. I wonder how many will just go to virtual events and how many will actually be back?


      3. I just hope all those replanned ones go ahead in reality – though I understand the advantages of virtual too! Just imagine a world though without craft fairs – I love when you can chat to other crafters, admire what they’ve made and buy too!

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      4. The virtual events are a great opportunity to take classes when you wouldn’t normally be able to. They make learning new skills and techniques much more affordable and accessible. But I agree – the in-person events have the advantages of getting together with other people who have the same interest, which is always great!
        And online shopping is convenient, but no substitute for real craft fair shopping!


      5. My one problem about craft shopping on line is the accidental buys – you know, the ones that jump into your basket alongside the item you really aimed to buy …

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  2. All my events have been cancelled through the end of the year. Except for the virtual ones!

    Teachers have homework, too. I try to just do them daily, to be ready for the next day’s class. I like to have pieces set up to be ready to show important concepts, but that means doing the same things repeatedly. My yarn got fuzzy, so I’m making a new setup!

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    1. I’m so glad tIhe virtual ones are going as strong as they have been! Hoping for lots more virtual VK Live sessions, and also other online classes.
      I bet your yarn is getting fuzzy – going over steps and stitches a lot would definitely put some wear on it!


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