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Garden Report

Well, everything is surviving outside so far!

The marigolds have teensy little flower buds already

All four of our lilac bushes survived their first winter and have tons of flower buds

And our wild rose bush is blooming away!

If you garden, how is it going? Otherwise, have you seen any lovely spring/early summer flowers lately?

13 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. Everything looks like it’s thriving! Our standing garden is doing well. Yesterday there was a flower on the eggplant which was exciting. We are fighting a battle with chipmunks in the container garden and the sunflower bed. I’m afraid at this point they’re winning:(

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  2. Hubby and I did a major weeding job on our honeysuckle bank this early spring. Now it is thriving, blooming, and smells heavenly! The scent lulls me to sleep every night.

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  3. Well done. Currently I am nurturing three new lavender bushes and three tubs of geraniums, fighting ground elder in what was an overgrown flower bed and watching hubby watching his new grass seed grow into lawn (yes, watching hubby watching! It is a long job, not as successful or immediate as he thought it might be!)

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      1. I have a large garden which has been attacked by my husband and I a lot during lockdown after a few years of barely titivating it! Now we are slightly more enthusiastic about what we see – luckily lots of evergreens, shrubs and full grown trees keep the maintenance down a lot but it’s nice to see a bit of colour sometimes.

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