Cool Idea Sadly Gone Wrong

A couple weeks ago, I saw this yarn from Old Crow ArtYarns on Etsy:

I love What We Do In the Shadows, and it’s pretty yarn, so I bought it. Then when it showed up, I thought it would be cool to use for something with a bat pattern. So I found this cowl pattern on Ravelry

I don’t think that really variegated yarns work well with detailed patterns like that, but I was so entranced with my cool idea that I gave it a try any way.

It did not work.

Oh well, it’s a cool pattern, which I will definitely make, but with different yarn. And the yarn really is beautiful yarn, so I will find something to do with it. Maybe some kind of planned pooling project? We shall see.

16 thoughts on “Cool Idea Sadly Gone Wrong

  1. That is always the issue with lovely colorful yarns, finding a pattern that do them justice. I know you will hit upon the right yarn for the pattern and the right pattern for the yarn!

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  2. The colors would be perfect for a bat but you are right. The bat pattern is hard to see in that yarn. I can’t wait to see what you figure out. I’m sure you will come up with something amazing! 🙂

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  3. Yes, no.

    Planned pooling could be interesting, but you’d need to see they dye pattern on your skein to know if it wants to play along. It might not be distinct enough? I see big patches of the green and the dark. Is there speckle, too?

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    1. Yes, there is a lot going on in this skein – maybe too much for planned pooling. I am thinking about re-skeining it just to get a better handle on the dye pattern. I actually have 4 others skeins of yarn that were dyed specifically to facilitate planned pooling – I just need to figure out stitch counts and so on. One of them even has a pattern that will give you the cool plaid pattern! One of these days I will get serious about it 🙂


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