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Drawn out by a beautiful day and driven by a desperate desire to go somewhere other than our house or the grocery store, DH and I went for a little drive today. If you are in Anchorage and want to go out of it, you have two choices – north to the MatSu Valley and south to Girdwood and the Kenai Peninsula. We chose south, because the route takes you down what’s known as the Turnagain Arm. Turnagain Arm has some pretty stunning scenery, which we were in need of right now. Here’s some of it now!

We weren’t out for long, and stayed away from other people the whole time, but it was wonderful to get out!

28 thoughts on “Outside!

  1. It looks beautiful, we were getting bored with our circular walk around the block but now the lambs are forming gangs and doing races so itโ€™s been more interesting. We still arenโ€™t allowed to travel for a walk, but the lambs are still being born the next couple of weeks so will make do with seeing them.

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  2. What a beautiful drive! We live next to the Missouri River, so come the rainy season, we will have flooding that buries the interstate and everything around it so it will LOOK like a sea. We have the Loess Bluffs but we’re talking 800 feet. Not as spectacular as Alaska.

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    1. Yes, it was such a treat after so long without getting out at all! I love how we all share our sights and scenery – it is wonderful to be able to see our blog friends’ surrounding and adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Ohh very nice! Yes we have some beautiful nature around here as well. When I was out in CA a few years ago my friends were like โ€œweโ€™re having amazing fall colors right now!โ€ – and there were like 3 yellow trees lol. So Iโ€™ll take our glorious New England foliage in return for real mountains haha
        I went to school in Eastern PA – Lebanon Valley College

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