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A week or two ago I started some flower seeds for our outdoor planters and baskets, along with a couple of herb seeds. Here’s the update!

The first batch of seedlings is doing pretty well. I had two of the little pods start to show some mold, so I got them out of there quickly. I’m watering the others sparingly and letting them dry out somewhat between watering. I put the tray outside for a little while in the afternoon today – it got up around 50 and was a lovely sunshiny day!

The second batch is likewise doing OK! They were planted a week or so after the first ones, so aren’t as far along. The row across the back has no sprouts yet. It is lavender, and the package says it has a 3 – 4 week germination time, so I’m not panicking yet. It seems like the trick with these trays is to use the plastic lids for just a couple days to get things started and then leave them off. Which means there are box shaped items laying around the house – if you know cats, you know what that means.

Wonder Cat in his Invisible Box!

The herbs are doing OK too. The monster plant on the left is my very old mint plant that has been chugging along for years now. There is cilantro in the little blue pot and basil in the little green pot – so far so good with them.

And even though it isn’t a recent planting, here’s my 2020 Chinese New Year lucky bamboo, doing pretty well in it’s cutie rat planter 🙂

Do you do any gardening or container planting? Flowers or veggies (or both)?

19 thoughts on “Agriculture Report

      1. My tomatoes are very tall, close to a foot. I need the weather to improve so I can start hardening them off outside. They are under a grow light which encourages them to grow. If I don’t use it, they get very leggy. This weekend we should have some better weather. April was just awful.

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      2. Today is not bad. They predicted showers but it’s sunny and nice. Tomorrow will be nice too. Long range is mostly in the 60s and 70s. Last week was the 50s. I will take out the tomatoes tomorrow. I’m afraid if I do today, it will for sure rain!

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    1. I have mixed success. There are some plants I can’t keep alive for anything. On the other hand, I had an ivy plant in college that I “watered” by pouring cold leftover coffee and tea into it. When I thought about it. And it lasted around 15 years. So I think I’ve gotten good at finding really hardy plants 🙂


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