Palm Canyon – Slowly But Surely

Palm Canyon is coming along – slowly but surely. It is pretty straightforward – mostly plain stockinette with a wide strip of a sort of twisted slip stitch ribbing running up the middle of both the front and the back. Since front and back are the same up for the first section, I’m doing them together, which is one of the things making this project take a little longer. I’m looking forward to working on Clue 2, which was released on Sunday. You cast on stitches to either side to create the arms, which I have not done before. So that will be interesting!

Have you made any sweaters (or any project, really) with unusual constructions? Do tell!

12 thoughts on “Palm Canyon – Slowly But Surely

  1. I did Tilt from a pattern ages ago. Sideways, diagonal, and straight knitting was used on it. Love the length, but the silk/wool yarn I used meant the sleeves grew, and grew!!!

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