Online Knitting Fun

Just like zoos and museums are developing online activities for people to participate in, the knitting world is gradually moving in that direction as well. Bluprint and a few other places have already had online classes available for some time now. But individual teachers and some of the big knitting events are getting in on it too! Here are some of the things I’ve noticed being promoted lately:

Vogue Knitting Live is doing a virtual event in early May! There’s not much information available on their website quite yet, but I did get an email about it a little while ago. They have classes and lectures planned, and will also have a virtual mall.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is doing an online event May 2 and 3.

Michele Bernstein at PDXKnitterati is doing an online class on brioche, likewise on May 2

And also, Patty Lyons is doing an online class on ease and sweater construction next Friday and Saturday.

Do you know of any online knitting events or classes? Do tell!

On a related note – anybody that wants in on the online meetup tomorrow (Saturday the 18th), either message me your contact info or email me at quiteayarnblog@gmail.com. If anyone’s interested, I will be on at 10 am Alaska time. Consult a time zone converter here for your local time 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Online Knitting Fun

  1. I will hopefully be able to join you today. I think you have me in your Skype? Wow, Maryland Sheep and Wool. That’s my favorite festival. I’ll check it out. Although, I’ve never been to Rhinebeck.

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