Arachne KAL

It is coming along OK so far! I’ve got a bit to go on the colorwork part of the yoke, and then I have a decision to make.

I’m thinking about adding some spiderweb to the sleeves. At first I was thinking about just doing in on the lower part of the sleeves – maybe from elbow to wrist or thereabouts. But then I wondered how it would look to extend it all the way down the arms? I think I need to find some fashion templates and trying drawing the options out to see what they look like.

I’m thinking about doing another online get together on Saturday, and was thinking about 10 am my time. For anybody interested in participating – does that time work out for you? Let me know when your best times are over the weekend and I’ll see what will mostly work for people!

17 thoughts on “Arachne KAL

      1. That would be lovely, but only if it doesn’t make things difficult for other people. Either around 3 pm your time (11 am for me) or in the evening for you, which would be afternoon for me.

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  1. I’m in for a call! I will have nosey kids on Saturday, but on Sunday I can hide in my room. I will make anything work though, as I have missed our calls, yet have done nothing to schedule one. I think webs down the arm would be really cool. I also think it would be so difficult to figure out I would give up.

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