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Tea for Two: August Uncommon Again

Now that I’m working from home, I can

A couple weeks have passed since I got my second batch of samples from August Uncommon, long enough to try all of them at least a couple of times – some of them were so good I finished them off!

So here’s my take on this batch:
Far Afield is an herbal tea with sage, ginger, and orange. The ginger is the first flavor that hits you with this one, and it is the strongest, with orange a close second. If you like spicier herbals like Bengal Spice, you will like this one.
Heartbreaker is another herbal featuring rooibos,apple, rose, and mint. I didn’t love this one. I felt like the mint and rose were fighting with each other.
Biarritz is a another rooibos blend with amaretto and orange blossom. I really enjoyed this one – the almond and orange blossom flavors work together really well. It’s sweet without being over the top.
Big Easy is green tea with lemongrass, pineapple and barley. This is a refreshing caffeine tea with nice fruit flavor from the pineapple and a little spiciness from the lemongrass. Delicious!
Dots and Loops is a brighter black tea with apple and fennel seed flavoring. The apple and fennel go well together, and it being a brisk, breakfast style tea works well.
Metropolitan is a black tea with bergamot, plum and clove. This is another one I didn’t love. Clove is a really assertive flavor, and I didn’t care for it with the bergamot and plum.
Leatherbound is another black tea, this one with cocoa and caraway seeds. These flavors go together really well to make a comforting tea that feels slightly indulgent.
-And finally, Cabaret. Yet another black tea with chocolate and dark cherry. I actually tasted the cherry in this one as well as the chocolate. Another tasty one!

So out of this set of samples, there were two I wouldn’t order again, and six that I would – so that’s pretty good odds 🙂 Overall, these teas are good quality with interesting flavoring. Well worth a try!

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