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This was a busy weekend but a good one! Not one but TWO online meetups with knitting blog friends, a little walk outside in the sun shine as our temperatures rocketed all the way up to 39 F, and a bunch of knitting! I have a couple projects off to a good start, but not enough to post about them quite yet. So here are some random items:

For anyone who enjoys old monster movies and has a goofy sense of humor, the guy who owns and runs Alternate Histories has started to publish a serialized story featuring a 50’s movie monster suddenly appearing in modern day Pittsburgh. It is called To Be Like the Hu-Man, and it is pretty entertaining so far! If you like it, subscribe to his newsletters to get chapters as he publishes. If you are a person with sensibilities, be aware there is a little bit of swearing here and there – not a lot, but there is some.

I’m thinking about doing a sourdough starter. A couple of you seem to be having a blast with yours, and the bread and other baked goods look so good… So any advice to share? Are you working off a recipe online or from elsewhere?

And finally, some Arachne KAL notes. We talked about having a specific day to post our projects – based on comments, let’s say Thursday is the day! And also, we had our first online get together on Saturday – it was wonderful to get together with you ladies! So the next one will be Saturday after next – I will post a couple days before asking for contact info for anyone who wants to join in who hasn’t before. 🙂 So excited to see how everyone’s is going!

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  1. I love this…all the way up to 39°F, just popped that in the converter and it’s not quite 4°C. I guess it’s all comparative though. We had a mild day here yesterday but I saw on Gilliangladrag’s instagram her laying in shorts and a t-shirt in the garden sunbathing, so clearly south of England is way warmer. My happy zone is 10°C to 18°C for spring gardening (50°F-65°F). It was lovely catching you twice in one weekend. Xx

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    1. Lovely catching up with you too! It is pretty chilly for us too – still lots of snow on the ground here. My happy zone is more or less like yours for being able to stay outdoors and do a little gardening as well 🙂

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  2. Oh, those online meetups. I have been enjoying them too. I did 3 last week.

    I have a 10-year-old sourdough starter I began with just pineapple juice (or maybe orange juice) and whole wheat flour. I fed it white flour and water. I only make white bread with the starter. Whole wheat flour has too many sharp edges and the bubbles pop, resulting in a flatter loaf. If I keep my starter in the fridge, I feed it once a week; if I keep it on the counter, I feed it every day. Have fun!

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  3. I am loving our knitting video chats! I have made my own starter and bought a starter, and I liked buying the starter from King Arthur Flour the best. I use a lot of their recipes too, but is my favorite resource for sourdough. I use her cookbook a lot (it’s where I got the recipe for the salted chocolate caramel bread).


  4. My neighbor across the street is going to get me going with sourdough bread, whenever we are allowed to congregate again! Sheesh, this is getting ridiculous. Oh well, off to see the kittens at the aquarium!!

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