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Arachne KAL and Also Puppies

Since most of you who are interested in joining in on the Arachne KAL seem to feel like sooner is better, let’s cast on this Saturday – April 4! Also, I’m kind of hot to get started myself 🙂

A bit later this week I’ll post some links to technique videos that might be helpful for anyone who wants to make this project. Also a bit later this week, I will write a bit about modifications I’m thinking about and my yarn pick!

Anyone who wants to join in but just isn’t going to be ready to go on Saturday – jump in when you like! I suspect many of us will be knitting on this for a good month or two. And in any case, support and encouragement are always available!

Also, here is a video of adoptable puppies being just adorable in the Georgia Aquarium. Also if you wait long enough, there is a whale shark in view. Sigh. Now I feel better.

8 thoughts on “Arachne KAL and Also Puppies

    1. Aquariums and puppies are pretty darn irresistible even by themselves! There are a couple versions of this video floating around out there – one has a couple seconds of the puppies asleep as the fish drift by. If I can find it again, it may become my screensaver.


  1. I now want to adopt a puppy. I’m not sure Wrigley would be happy with that. I’m excited to start the sweater. I need to finish my gauge swatch and get my plan put together. I am glad I have something to focus on.

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    1. OMG – I know! So little and so adorable! I can tell you for a fact the cats would not be into that at all.
      🙂 Hoping it will be fun for all. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours – you have such cool modification plans!


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