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It’s On Random

Its been a random sort of day in a random sort of week. Having just got back from one work trip, I’m off again tomorrow, this time to Fairbanks. So I’m kind of out of sorts.

Yesterday DH and I went downtown for the Fur Rondy parade, and other wacky fun. More about that in a future post. Other than that, it’s been chores, laundry, and repacking.

The Dockside cardigan is still not done.

The sleeves are finished and have been blocked. The shoulder seams are done and the collar is *mostly* knit. So I have to finish that, sew together all the rest of the pieces, and do the button bands. Maybe this week it will be done. I normally like to go out to eat in the evenings when I’m in Fairbanks, but this coming week the temperatures are going to range between highs of 0 degrees F to lows of -33 degrees F. So maybe I will be staying in for this trip. Because that is very, very cold to be walking around in.

For anyone who hasn’t see it yet, Karen at NothingButKnit put up a nifty quiz about sock knitting – interesting questions as always, and interesting answers from everyone who answered on her blog or their own! Interesting how so many people like the same thing, but have such varying opinions on it 🙂

How are you spending your Sunday?

7 thoughts on “It’s On Random

  1. Brrrr! Stay warm while you’re in Fairbanks. We are having “warm” weather this week. It’s going to be in the 50’s tomorrow and 60 Tuesday.
    Sunday has been a mix of chores, Pokemon Go and finally a little knitting.
    Enjoy your trip:)

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