Surprise Random Project!

Since all of my “must do” projects for 2019 are finished, I spent part of today getting my 2020 project bin squared away and prepping the first two projects of next year. The yarn is wound, patterns printed out, and needles and other tools in the project bags.

But then I thought about what to knit over the next couple days – something small and fun. I thought about one of Dolores’ outfits, but nothing there grabbed me right away. So I started looking through my small project kits and picked one – Oregon Skies, by Michele Bernstein, aka PDX Knitterati.

Progress so far!

I bought the pattern and the yarn set earlier this year, but other things just kept jumping in front of it. But right now, it has been either snowing or just cloudy and bleak for days, and a little color is very welcome 🙂 I love the contrast of the bright pastel rainbow colors against the dark grey. The yarn is the Glow Up kit from Knitted Wit.

I will get as far as I can with it over the next couple days, then it will have to share knitting time with a few other projects. So far it is a fun knit!

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