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The card mosaic is coming along nicely 🙂 I love seeing what people send out!

One Christmas tradition I am pretty into is sending cards. When DH and I first got married, I sat down on our long Thanksgiving weekend and sent out our first batch of cards. I really just did it then because I had the time and energy, and wanted to get it out of the way. Then I got a lot of hassle about ours being “so early”. So I did it again the next year, mostly out of spite. And it became a thing. Over the years, a couple of people have sent our card to us in June or something just to be silly, but most years ours are the first cards anyone on our list gets.

Every year I get some goofy cards for people who I think will enjoy them, and then normal cards for everyone else. Most recently my goofy cards have been from Alternate Histories because I just love his work. But because most of his cards feature space aliens and zombies and so on, not everyone will enjoy them. So 16 people get the wacky cards, everyone else gets something a little more mainstream.

Do you send cards? If so, do you have anything special you do around them, or just send them out? Annual letter – yes or no?

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  1. I sent out cards for many years. When we started moving around a bit I started including an annual update letter. Over the last few years, and I’m not really sure how it happened, I started decreasing the number sent and until last year, for the first time, I didn’t send any. Maybe it’s because we’ve come back home and keep in touch with people more throughout the year.

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  2. I used to send a bunch of cards with pictures of the kids but over time I’ve gotten lazy. I keep saying to my husband that I’ve got to send a few cards. There are some around here that I bought last year. Maybe I’ll get to it today. In the past I’ve sent mine to arrive around 12/20 so no one will even know I’ve procrastinated this year;)

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  3. It’s a dying tradition. I am down to less than 20 cards and each year some die off or stop sending themselves. The thing that bothers me most are people who send glitter cards. They go right in the trash. I have cats and that dang glitter gets in everything. I swear we eat it.

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  4. I used to hand stamp and decorate my cards. I started making them Thanksgiving. But over the years I stopped hand making them, and then stopped sending them. I think it’s just the issue of all that paper being used up. But I do enjoy getting them, especially the photo cards, they adorn my fridge!

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  5. I used to do photo cards and newsletters when the kids were younger. The kids are grown up and they hate posing for pictures! And the newsletter petered out because we don’t change a lot from year to year any more! That said, I do still send cards, especially to people that we don’t keep up with via social media; if they’re on FB they’ve probably seen my pictures already. I time mine to be New Year’s cards, because we usually have a family picture somewhere around Thanksgiving, and I can’t get the cards ready in time for both Hanukkah and Christmas if Hanukkah comes early. When I’m really slow, they end up being Chinese New Year cards! There’s always a holiday I can celebrate!

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