Delftig Mittens Finished

As I settled in to knit this evening, all I had left to do on my 2nd mitten was the thumb, and I had just one Time Team episode to do it. Could I finish?

A mitten thumb is not a lot of knitting, but there were a lot of interruptions. So by the time we were halfway through day 3 of the dig, I had three rounds and the decrease rows to do.

Lazlo is helping, as he often does.

Well, as you likely guessed from the title, it is done! Sorry for the terrible indoor nighttime picture.

They are blocking now, and I do have some ends to weave in.

This was a good project for getting the hang of marlisle. It is not a hard technique, but you do need to actually physically do it to get the hang of it. I would use this technique again, and am looking forward to trying out some of the other patterns in this book. The mittens themselves are very cozy and warm, just like other stranded knitting projects are.

So if you are looking for a technique to stretch your stranded knitting skills a little bit, this is a good one to try. Highly recommend!

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