Imperceptible Progress

It doesn’t look like much, but this represent around half a pattern repeat since the last time you saw this piece of knitting. And since a pattern repeat is 52 rows, that’s not too terrible!

It it kind of a boring knit, but I do want the top that will result when it is finally done. But it’s time to switch back to the mittens again for a little while!

How do you handle boring projects? (Or for non-knitters, boring tasks) Do you just go at it as hard as you can to get it done, or switch between the boring one and more interesting ones until you get through it? Discuss!

13 thoughts on “Imperceptible Progress

  1. Is it a boring project that requires your undivided attention? Then ugh. I try not to knit things like that. But I hear you on wanting the finished product. I take it a bit at a time until I’m almost done. Then I push through to the end. This is my Celtic Myths story.

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    1. This particular project I don’t have to pay a lot of attention to. So TV or movies or podcast or something is always going in the background with this one. Celtic Myths does look like something you have to pay a bit more attention to definitely!

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  2. I find things to listen to or watch if I’ve got a long slog of boring knitting. Usually I don’t switch between projects because the dull one will languish:(
    As for other boring tasks, I either listen to podcasts (great for dishes, laundry or heaven forbid dusting. But for vacuuming I crank up Spotify with something upbeat good and loud on the TV speaker. We have a little space between us and the neighbors so excess volume during the day isn’t an issue.

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  3. I cast on a bunch of little projects. Once I finish them I feel like I can concentrate on the boring project. I repeat as needed until the project is done. I totally understand the boring knit/want to wear feeling, my sweater is the same way.

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