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Monday was our 24th anniversary, so we have been celebrating 🙂 We took off from work this week and are having a staycation – trying to mix getting some house projects done and getting some relaxing in.

Sunday night we went to our local theater pub, Bear Tooth, for a movie. Going to the Bear Tooth is always fun, because the seats are at tables and you can have actual food and beer while you watch your movie. It’s a fun atmosphere, and they do second run movies, so no one is super-serious about the films. Anyway, we had a pizza and watched Hobbs and Shaw, which was full-on ridiculous, but fun.

Monday we very romantically painted our bathroom, which has been desperately needing a makeover. The walls were dingy white, and the hardware was all beat up and mismatched. It’s been bugging me for a while, but we finally got around to doing something about it. We actually started late last week – washing the walls and taking down all the hardware.

Monday we got the primer up and then painted. This morning I did paint touchups, and Dave (DH) put up the shiny new (matching!) hardware. So not a big makeover, but it looks much better now.

But our whole anniversary wasn’t painting a bathroom. Dave got me some lovely, Halloweeny anniversary flowers 🙂 The ribbon says “I love you to death”.

And we did go out for a very nice dinner. So it was a tiring day, but a nice one!

I have gotten to do a little knitting over the last couple days – more about that tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary! A staycation sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. We went to a movie theater like the one you describe when we visited our son in Oregon. It was so cool! I loved having food and drinks while we watched the movie. I wish there would be one of those near where we live.

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