Refinding My Fade

Since I finished one of my WIPs, I decided to go back to one of the WIPs that has been hanging out in the bin waiting to be finished – my Find Your Fade shawl. This thing has been laying around since I had a morale failure much earlier this year. That was a shame, especially since I was two sections from finished. Granted, they are the two biggest sections, but still – two sections!

However, now I’m ready to face it again and get it done. I had a long stretch of knitting time today, and actually finished the second last section.

This was the last lace play section I needed to do, so now it’s just garter stitch to the end.

This thing is absolutely huge. After I finish knitting it, the next challenge is going to be finding someplace to block it. But I’ll get to that when I get to it!

How are your projects going?

8 thoughts on “Refinding My Fade

  1. My projects are all over the place. Just finished a quilt top, but have others waiting for quilting, so which to do first? Maybe attack the smallest and get it out of the way? Knitting is all small right now, no brain cells for a big project.

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    1. I forgot too – it’s been that long! It is moving along pretty well now. Just needed a break from it – it is a really huge shawl 🙂
      You can both! Keep a WIP going and start a new sweater – you are making great progress!


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