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SE2SE: A Few Skeins More

Earlier this year, I wrote a bit about getting involved with the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em program. SE2SE encourages fiber artistists to buy fleeces, wool or yarn from farmers of endangered breeds of sheep.

I bought a few skeins earlier this year, but then got distracted by a couple of other projects. Well, last week I got a follow up email from a farmer I had bought from before, Sonja of Woolhalla Tunis, who had just gotten a few more breeds of yarn in her shop. Did I still want them? Yes!

This first skein is American Karakul. This yarn is a little more on the toothy side. It has a nice sturdy feel and a weight to it – I suspect it will have great stitch definition and create a nice dense fiber. Maybe I will do an outer layer cowl or similar with it!

This second skein is from Dorset Horn sheep. It likewise is little toothier of a yarn. It feels a little bit squishier than the Karakul, though both feel like substantial yarns.

She also sent a beautiful little sample of Lincoln yarn

which is so pretty it may need to be my next skein. But first, I have to get going and make something out of the yarn I already have!

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