Sock It To Me Monday

Not a lot accomplished on my SIL’s Soft Pretzel socks this week, I’m afraid. Between getting the brioche scarf done and starting Dolores’ pumpkin outfit and other random chores, I haven’t had a lot of patience for them. But starting tomorrow night, I’m getting at them!

This evening I wound up doing a little stash wrangling. I haven’t been keeping up my yarn listings as well as I should, and I know things have come in and gone out of the stash without me documenting. So I’m going through my bins and accounting for everything as well as I can. The scrap bin is a a big box of yarn chaos, but everything else will be accounted for!

Do you organize your crafting stash, or just let it roam free? If so, what is your method?

15 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Mine is organized by weight, in clear pull drawers in an IKEA Expedit shelf unit. Every so often I have to go through the leftovers of my FOs to put needles away, stash remainder balls of yarn. Because usually I just toss them in the miscellaneous basket!

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  2. I have never used the stash area of Ravelry, but I have a stash spreadsheet that I update about once a year with weight, color, and amount of each yarn in my stash as well as any patterns I have in mind for that yarn. And then I ignore that spreadsheet for another year, continually adding and removing yarn, so that when I decide I’m going to get organized (this time for real, I mean it!) I have to go through the stash again to update it. At this point I’ve mostly given up.

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  3. Well, I must admit with my buying being up this year I have not been good about putting it where it needs to go. So it is overflowing baskets and my storage cube system. And the fabric buying is causing a problem too!!! Plus, I haven’t been good about putting the leftovers away, so it’s all getting out of hand.

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