Dolores:Autumn Reverie

Dolores has been showing her sensitive side lately, sighing over the autumn leaves and contemplating other weighty matters. Like when her next outfit will be ready already!

I got it started this weekend, and have been alternating working on it with working on my SIL’s Soft Pretzel socks. Hopefully it will be done in a week or so, then we will be all ready for Halloween!

I’m about halfway done with the dress, but then still need to do the hat, boots, and embellishments. But still, it should go pretty quickly πŸ™‚

Harry, meanwhile, wonders who is wasting land? And how would you even do that,anyway?

How are your projects going? Have any fun fall things going on, poetic or otherwise?

12 thoughts on “Dolores:Autumn Reverie

    1. I think you are right! If there’s yarn left over, he may get an orange turtleneck. I am thinking about making him a Minions costume for next Halloween πŸ™‚ I won’t have time before the end of the month, but should over the next year.


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