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Quirky Questions

Karen at nothingbutknit posed these quirky questions on her blog earlier this week. Check out her blog for her answers and lots of others in the comments!

Here are the questions:

  • Do you have any crafting rituals that you regularly follow? Do you have regular life rituals you follow? If you’d like to share the details feel free.
  • Do you consider yourself quirky? Does your quirkiness bleed into your crafting? Again, feel free to share details if you wish.
  • Do your rituals and/or quirks play into the crafts you do? Do you avoid certain crafts because of your quirks and/or rituals? Again include details if you wish.

And my answers:

  • I do have some crafting habits/rituals. I don’t like to stop in the middle of a row of knitting. I have a strict “if-then”flowchart sort of decision tree for whether or not to do a gauge swatch. In non-crafting life, I do have some chores that I like to do in a certain order. I tell myself it’s for efficiency, but really it’s mostly that they are boring chores and if I don’t follow a strict order I will get bored and wander off and they will never get done. I have to read for at least a little bit before I can get to sleep. I need a cup of coffee before anything else happens in the morning.
  • I definitely consider myself quirky. This leads me to make some unusual project choices. Like knitting a sheep doll and then knitting garments for said sheep doll – that’s a little quirky.
  • My quirks kind of play into the crafts I do, though they don’t lead me to avoid any specific crafts. I can be quirky in a number of mediums, so the format is no barrier to me!

Thanks to Karen for the interesting questions! If you have answers to share, feel free to put them in the comments, or answer on your blog 🙂

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Quirky Questions

  1. Quirky is what makes people interesting. I also find certain routines keep me doing the stuff I need to do (and maybe don’t want to). After all who wants to exercise? Doing it first thing with a Starbucks treat afterward makes it do-able. Can’t imagine I would do it in the middle of the afternoon without a big bribe. HUGE bribe.

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