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Tuesday = Tea Day

Nifty new teas have been showing up at our house, and having had a chance to try them thought I’d share them with you! First up are four teas from Harney & Sons.

The two caffeine teas I got are Soho and The Earl of Harlem. Both are delicious, but they are very different. Soho is a black tea with vanilla, chocolate and coconut flavors, as well as a very light floral scent. The Earl of Harlem to me tastes like a cross between lapsang souchong and Earl Gray – it has the citrusy bergamot flavor, but also is a bit smoky. Not as smoky as lapsang souchong usually is, but you can definitely taste it. Both great black teas!

The next two teas are fruit teas. They consist of chunks of dried fruit along with some herbal elements – rosehips and hibiscus and that sort of thing. Both these teas have a good flavor of the fruit they are named for. There are two other fruit teas in this collection – Blood Orange and Mango – but I wanted to try out a couple before I went all in. They are very flavorful and refreshing.

And last but definitely not least – some mint variants from the grocery store! If you like mint but sometimes wish it was a little toned down, these are some delicious teas to try. The chocolate mint is mildly minty and mildly chocolately. It has a good flavor and good smell. Private Selection is the house brand of Fred Meyer/Kroger, so would likely only be available there. Buttermint is basically a slightly milder mint with some vanilla flavor added in to smooth it out. If you are familiar with buttermint candy, it basically tastes just like that.

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