Round and Round

Guys! I just tried mobius knitting, and it is really not that hard! Mobius knitting is one of those things I always meant to get around to, but never did. Partially because it seemed confusing, partially because there are so many other things to knit. But this is the Year of Techniques so everything is a possibility!

Last month at the MatSu Fiber Festival, my Mom and I bought kits to make mobius cowls from Calypso Farms. Over the last couple of days we have been going at it pretty hard with the Soft Pretzel socks, and needed something different to do as a break in the sock action. Preferably something on great big needles. The mobius cowl kits feature big bulky yarn and are knit on US size 11 needles. Sold!

So after watching Cat Bordhi’s YouTube video several times, we got going.

I’m almost halfway done! Bulky yarn rocks!

What was your latest happy surprise?

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